April 2023 Update

Greetings Backers! 

We are just heading into Golden Week which is one of the longest holidays in Japan. The weather is fine but we continue to be excited for these passion projects you have helped give us the chance to make!

Surveys and AppleID

More and more people have completed their backer survey so thank you for your support. We won’t close surveys until a few months before the game ships so don’t worry if you haven’t completed yours. There is plenty of time. 

We finally understand one of the bigger issues that was occurring. Backers who used AppleID to log into Backerkit and have the security settings to hide their E-mail address are unable to receive surveys. Since the E-mails are hidden, Backerkit doesn’t have a way to send information to these backers. If means you’ll have to either contact Backerkit support and update your E-mail address to something that is not hidden or contact us at the Campaign team at pr@yukikaze.ltd to manually adjust your E-mail to something that can be viewed so that we can send you the survey. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the same E-mail listed above so that we can help.

FAQ incoming

We know there are a lot of questions about the survey, items on backerkit, timelines etc. Some of the answers have taken time to figure out. Others required a bit of trial and error. In order to make everything as clear as possible we plan to update the Backerkit FAQ and link to it on Discord so that it’s common information to as many backers as possible. We are in the process of adjusting this but it won’t be until May when we have it finalized.

Discord Mods

We wanted to drop a quick THANK YOU message to all the wonderful Discord mods who have been keeping an eye on the questions from backers and letting us know. You really do help keep the community informed and allow us to focus more on production! We couldn’t have done this without you.

◆2023.04.25 Penny Blood Project Diary

Good evening, everyone. According to the Japanese calendar, we’re at the “grain rain” period, and the end of spring is here. However, I’m still wearing my winter clothes at home. I mean, it’s still kind of cold…

It’s that time of year again: golden week. Some people who have long ones may get to enjoy nine days off. Right now, I’m very torn as to whether I should use this precious break as a way to refresh myself or to focus on my personal work.

Now then, it’s time for another monthly Penny Blood project report. Last month, I stated that we were working VERY hard on the walkthrough version, and this is still the case. We search out ways to fix problems at every weekly meeting, try to implement new approaches and fixes, but we still have yet to make any great strides, and now golden week is here. I have no intention to give up here, though. I’m going to do everything I can to boost the quality somehow.

Meanwhile, I’ve charged into the second half of the story overview, and it’s almost time to wrap up all the subplots and create the exciting climax. Hmm… But I’m not sure what to do. No matter how much time I spend thinking, I can’t come up with the perfect final scene. I just writhe in agony and murmur with Monaka-chan on the floor. Why on the floor? Because it’s heated.

After lots of squinting, Kato-san finally solved the difficult equation of (wild + steampunk + purple skin with studs) x glimmer of intelligence – Ma**nger-esque elements and finished drawing the new Goliath. I was sure Goliath would end up as a really dumb-looking joke character, but he’s now been reborn and possesses a reliable atmosphere as well as the cloudless eyes of a hero. Now I can’t put “dacchi” or “zura” at the end of his lines… I’ll have to go with “gowasu.”

Hanya-san is still designing guest characters, and is currently  drawing Owen Madden, a gangster who will interact with Matthew and co. starting in the prologue, just like Hoover from the BOI. Hanya-san succeeded in completing another ridiculous request from Machida and drew Owen with a frightening amount of accuracy. Once you see the art, you’ll immediately understand what the ‘accuracy’ refers to, as he’s modeled after a great movie director I love.

Watanabe-san, our image board artist, spent the last month drawing the outer visuals for a fortress that will serve as a dungeon, and is now working on the interior for this month. Younger people may not be familiar with this, but it’s based on a residential district that used to exist in Hong Kong and was sort of a “den of evil.” The cramped, cluttered atmosphere is coming along quite nicely. I can’t wait to walk through it once it’s in 3D.

It also seems like Hirota-san, our sound leader, is once again planning something fun for everyone…and there may be a hint toward what it is in his message.

…That concludes the update information for this month. I hope you all have a fun golden week.

Matsuzo Machida

Message from Hirota-san

Good evening, everyone. Last week, a funk band that I play in as a bassist put on a live performance. We just couldn’t manage to put on a performance during covid times, so it was our first time playing live in four years. Thankfully, we had a full audience, and the call & response was a total blast. Of course, we can’t let our guard down regarding infection-related issues, but it really moved me when I thought about the period of time when I couldn’t see anyone.

I want to create another chance for everyone to enjoy the music of Penny Blood in a live setting, so I hope you’ll all attend when the time comes.

As for this month’s sound development report, I’m still working on the music and sound effects. The content is really evolving, so I’ve been thinking about how to design everything based on that. There will be some difficulties as far as specifications are concerned, but I intend to use ingenuity to create some really fun sound design.

I also want to move forward with my 20s jazz music production, so I’ve been talking with Kaida-san. I’m really excited for what’s yet to come.

Also, I streamed a composing livestream last month. Going forward, I plan to expand on this and stream periodically. I’m thinking up some fun plans that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.

As time goes on, I find myself coming up with more and more things I want to do, but first I’ll focus on the walkthrough version sound design and keep doing my very best.