January 2023 Update

We have entered into 2023 and have a lot of great updates ready for you throughout the year!

Backerkit Store

We are proud to announce the Backerkit Store is open here:

Backerkit Store

As mentioned before, pre-existing backers will be able to purchase additional add-ons from the campaign. New backers will be able to buy things a la carte but at an increased price. If you feel you have a friend that loves JRPGs and would enjoy being a backer, please let them know. Word of mouth is the most important component of a Kickstarter campaign even during the Backerkit phase.

As this is our first time using backerkit there may be some bugs here and there so please feel free to let us know what needs to be fixed.

◆2023.01.25 PENNY BLOOD Project Diary

Good evening, everyone. Influenza Man Machida at your service. Today is my third day of self-quarantine in the storage room next to my office.

When I first got a high fever of 39℃, I panicked, thinking: “Did I finally get covid?!” But after using a test kit and finding out that I was negative, I safely became an Influenza Man. Looking back, this is actually my first time getting influenza in six years. I’d nearly…well, actually, I’d completely forgotten that it existed due to covid…

When you get influenza, your throat swells up really badly and it becomes painful to swallow anything, right? Even drinking Aquarius can be a struggle when it’s really bad… And Aquarius is merely a sports drink! You need to stay hydrated more than anything else, and yet every single swallow hurts so badly. It’s pure torture.

Luckily, I was able to retain my appetite throughout the influenza. I took a lesson from what Lupin III does when he gets shot and ate and slept like my life depended on it. Slowly but surely, I’ve been getting better. When you first get influenza, the pain seeps through to the bone, and every inch of your body hurts, but you forget all about that once you get better, don’t you? Thus I’m taking a trip down memory lane and relishing all the painful aspects of the influenza experience.

Right now, you’re probably thinking: Machida’s intro is really long right now… And he’s only talking about influenza. You want to know about the project, don’t you? Sorry, but I’ve still got more influenza talk for you!

Did you know that roughly 100 years ago, influenza had taken the world by storm? People called it the Spanish flu at the time, and some even theorize that it caused the majority of deaths during World War I.

Virus research hadn’t come very far at the time, so the pathogens and true nature of the disease remain unknown to this day – but apparently it was even more contagious than covid. Wikipedia even claims so many people died from it that it even caused the number of army recruits to drop and expedited the end to WWI. Scary, isn’t it?

See what I did there? I just connected everything I was saying to Penny Blood! Okay now, time to change gears and report on the progress of the project. *cough cough* Oh no, now I’m suddenly getting a cough…

Let’s start with the story first… *cough cough*

Day after day, I’ve been diving deep into the game’s world and thinking up interesting stories about *cough cough* and *cough cough*.

Kato-san has been working on the design for Luca’s wolf form and *cough cough*. Next she’s going to work on *cough cough*, while Hanya-san is working on the tri*cough cough*al version NP*cough cough*Cs and *cough cough*. Watanabe-san is drawing im*cough cough*portant loc*cough cough*ales for the story.

In terms of music, Hirota-san has been arranging *cough cough* and *cough cough*, while Kaida-san has been *cough cough cough*.

Whew… Finally finished my report. I hope you all liked it.

See you next month!

Matsuzo Machida

Message from Yoshitaka Hirota

Good evening, everyone.

Since the end of last year, I’ve been continuing my work on the sound for the walkthrough version.

I did another arrangement for the music used for the New York street shots in the PV (an arrangement of the main theme) for a specific map…but we decided that we wanted that scene to feel more tense, so I ended up making a new track. Since I want people to focus on the sound of footsteps there, I created a song that’s very claustrophobic and composed of nothing but “white noise”. It’s more ambient music than an actual song. If you listen to it for a long time with headphones on, you’ll lose your sense of equilibrium.

I feel like the sound effects will be very important for the walkthrough version, so I’ve been thinking about how best to use them as I continue working hard.

In terms of music production for the main game, I’ve been continuing my 1920s music research. There are two genres that greatly influenced jazz: Ragtime and Boogie-Woogie. Instead of simply understanding their musical structure with my head, I’ve been practicing playing those types of songs on my piano and my guitar in order to understand them with my body as well.

In my off time, I’ve also been practicing the basic steps for the Charleston, a dance that was popular at the time. It’s really fun. There are beginner lessons for just about everything on Youtube these days, so anyone can start learning if they want to. Wouldn’t it be fun if we all learned how to dance the Charleston, then danced it together in a big hall during a Penny Blood jazz concert?

Yoshitaka Hirota