Feature Fridays #3


Stretch Goals

Since our last update you smashed another stretch goal for each title. Looks like both teams are going to be busy! Here’s the key info on the new goals!

5th Stretch Goal – CLEARED!
Cacophony of Chanting (More Chants)

Extra music tracks featuring chanting will be added to the game, and the names of each vocalist will also be displayed.

90,000,000 yen
BOI Special Case Files (Quests)

This stretch goal will allow players to undertake side story quests from the Bureau of Investigation. As the predecessor to the FBI, the BOI served as the foundation for standard investigation procedures still used today, such as crime scene preservation, fingerprinting, voice recognition, luminol reactions, and criminal profiling.

As they say, truth is stranger than fiction. And sometimes, things happen in our world that defy all explanation. Well, Matthew, what do you say? Mind taking some time off your main mission to help us solve some other cases on the side? We’ll give you full access to all our state-of-the-art technology, of course…”


92,500,000 yen
Call of Baby Cthulhu (Mascot Raising)

This will add a system to the game in which players can raise Baby Cthulhu, Penny Blood’s mascot character. You’ll be able to feed your Baby Cthulhu the blood and flesh of specific monsters as well as minerals to help it grow stronger. The barrier Baby Cthulhu emits has the ability to neutralize the power of Umbra and the Ruinwalkers, giving players advantages in battle. Helping your Baby Cthulhu reach maturity will also guide you further toward the game’s ‘good’ ending.

“What?! That baby octopus went missing? I told you to keep an eye on it… We won’t be able to open the doors without that thing! This will highly limit our mobility… Who was in charge of its food today? Me? Oh, it was me…? ****…”

HINT: Tower of Babel

Community Game

This is not good. The Kaleido Echidna is doing serious damage to Suseri. The Penny Blood community is going to need to pull together if they want to be able to clear all their goals. The Armed Fantasia fans are also going to have to pull together as well, since they haven’t been able to cast the ice and fire attacks yet! A reminder for the Machida-san meme: you only need to send a written idea for what Machida-san’s next life choice should be. Fishing? Sushi chef? Disco dancing? You tell us! Send a DM to the Penny Blood Twitter or drop us an E-mail at pr@yukikaze.ltd

Penny Blood Character Coloring Vote Results:

You clearly love Vito’s red duds! Here are the results of the second vote:

Discord (E+J)
A: 35 + 19 = 54
B: 37 + 9 = 46
C: 211 + 64 = 275

A: 200
B: 294
C: 694


Interview with Composer Yoshitaka Hirota

(Please understand these interviews were taken before the campaign started.)

New Character

Candy Nation

Born in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 1909. Now 14, she currently attends the Aaron School, New York’s leading private academy for privileged young women.

Day and night, Candy fights as a passionate activist for political reform, prohibition, bolstering women’s rights, and protecting the environment.

Her goal in the future is to continue her education at Barnard College and become the first female American president. Candy never gives up, and has a stronger sense of justice than most.

Candy can be opinionated and has a tendency to get carried away, making her the unpredictable trickster of the team. Her weapons of choice are Crandall Hammers.

*Starting with Candy, the PB team plans to adjust several characters’ designs and colors once the campaign ends.

New Locations

Times Square, New York (1923)

After the first world war came to an end, the United States of America rose to distinguish itself as the generation’s new world leader. At the beginning of the Roaring Twenties, Times Square served as a symbol of America’s newfound prosperity. Not only is it constantly bustling with people, but the branch of the BOI Bureau of Investigation that Matthew and his allies work for is located right in its backyard.

BOI Special Unit New York Branch Office

The office used by Matthew and the rest of the BOI’s special unit.

It’s not only a base of operations – since it has separate rooms inside, it also serves as a home.

The Imperial Capital of Tokyo – Asakusa Rokku and Ryōunkaku (1923)

After achieving victory in both the Russo-Japanese War and World War I, Japan basked in glory as one of the Far East’s most formidable empires. This affluence also led Tokyo to build the Ryōunkaku tower in Asakusa – the tallest structure in all of Asia, which Tokyo natives called the ‘Asakusa twelve-story.’

After an assault happens in Asakusa involving the American ambassador to Japan, Matthew rushes to Tokyo and catches a glimpse of a threat that aims to plunge the entire world into darkness.

Thompson Report #03: Torture Events

“My, what a ghastly sight. I can hardly believe I’m staring at a place that exists on God’s green earth… Good evening, everyone – it’s yours truly, Dorothy Thompson. Tonight, I’m standing inside an old castle nestled somewhere in the hills of Europe. Deep within the stone of this fortress, which remains unchanged since the medieval age in which it was built, lies a solitary room that not a sliver of sunlight can reach. Quite unsettling, wouldn’t you agree? I’ll do my best to give you all an honest report, so I hope you will have the courage to follow along.

“In the center of this cold room, I can see a large rack with a number of leather straps suspended from it. Perhaps they tied people to this contraption? Beyond it, I see a large, triangular wooden horse and a mannequin, of all things. Deep within, I spy a sort of chair with restraints attached to it… And it seems that there are several cables extending out from its backrest, all leading to a large machine in the corner of the room… And my intuition is telling me this is an electric chair!

“Calm down, Dorothy, just stay calm and take deep breaths. In…and out again……

“What is all this they have hanging from the wall? Shackles connected by iron chains, thick leather whips… Mercy me, I can’t imagine what they might use these saws and pliers for. I can even see a few gags fashioned like steel masks, staring right down at me!

“I wonder if those following along have been able to put the scene together yet? That’s right, this is a room built specifically for inflicting torture – a truly spine-tingling chamber that’s claimed the lives of hundreds. It is astonishing to think Matthew was able to escape from this place with his life.”

“Matthew? Would you happen to be speaking of Matthew Farrell?”

“Goodness gracious!”

“Now, now, don’t stare at me like I’m some kind of spirit, my dear. I’m Dr. Eugene, caretaker of this castle. We spoke on the phone.”

“And how long have you been standing there?!”

“Since before you entered this room. I believe you mistook me for a mannequin.”

“But you look as shriveled up as a mummy…”


“Oh, um, excuse me. I think all this eerie excitement must have sent me into some sort of temporary delirium.”

“Think nothing of it, my dear. I’m very honored to be interviewed by such a prestigious journalist – especially since you were so quick to uncover all the charming details this room has to offer.”

“Are you an acquaintance of Matthew’s?”

“An acquaintance? Oh, we’re far more than that. We’ve attempted to kill each other several times, and I for one can’t wait to run into him again.”

“Y-you aren’t going to torture me and force me to tell you where he is, are you?”

“Hah hah hah! You may rest at ease. Despite how I may look, I’m a gentleman. And it’s a policy of mine to never interrogate anyone when business is not involved.”

“Well, that is a relief. Once I get back, I’ll tell Matthew to watch out for you.”

“By all means, Ms. Thompson.”