Penny Blood Creators Desktop 01

Hello everyone. Machida Matsuzo here.

PENNY BLOOD Creators Desktop is a series where we’ll give you a glimpse into the PENNY BLOOD staff members’ work environments. 

What sort of desks do we create things on? What sort of PCs and tools do we have? What specially-selected items do we treasure? If this interests you, I hope you’ll stick with us until the end.

Our first episode features the desktop of Machida (me), who mainly does planning and writing work.

First, let’s start with the PC, an absolute necessity. My current main machine is a 14″ Apple MacBook Pro (2021), 16 GB memory model. This is my second MacBook since I fully switched over from Windows to Mac in 2017. Whenever I go out, all I need to do is slip it into my bag. Recently, a new MacBook Air was released, which has stimulated my avarice, so I keep having to restrain myself.

My monitor is a 28″ HUAWEI MateView. I decided to buy it because its colors look great, it’s got a high resolution, and it can display two A4 sheets at once.

My first specially-selected item is the external keyboard I use in my desktop environment: a 30g Topre Real Force for Mac, which I picked up three years ago. I love this keyboard. I used an HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard) for over a decade, but when I tried using a keyboard with an actuation force of 30g, its light touches instantly stole my heart, and I bought one right then and there. Incidentally, I use the US English keyboard configuration on both my Mac and my external keyboard. Why? Because I hate it when the command key isn’t next to my spacebar. I hope they release a wireless version of this keyboard type soon. Please, Topre! (LOL)

Next, I’d like to introduce the applications I use most when working. When you think of planning, the first thing you may think of is a text editor. When I was on Windows, my only choice was Hidemaru Editor. I wrote all 1,000,000 characters of Shadow Hearts on Hidemaru Editor. Since shifting over to Mac, I’ve been using CotEditor. I really love how it always shows the line count and total character count, and how it can instantly count the characters within a selection.

Evernote is also an essential for me. It has great compatibility with the iPhone, so I use it a lot for idea notes. Whenever I get an idea, I can write it down, save an image, then share it, turn it into a PDF, or print it. It’s so convenient, and lately it’s gotten even more features added to it.

Since I often write down notes on paper, I always keep a ballpoint pen on me…which brings me to my next specially-selected item: my Waterman Sérénité Bois. I’ve lovingly used this pen for nearly two decades now. The katana-like curve of its design is outstanding, and I use it with great care.

On the table, you’ll also see flowers in a small vase, a MUJI clock and calendar, and a standing-type smartphone charger. I bought one on Amazon that also allows me to charge my Apple Watch in it. You’ll also see my Totoro mug cup, which I just bought recently at Donguri Kyowakoku (Acorn Republic). It has a vacuum structure that makes it easy to use for both warm and cold drinks.

Lastly, you’ll see my lightsaber in the corner. This was used when my father was still a Jedi. I keep it here so that I’ll be ready whenever the Empire decides to attack.

That concludes a brief overview of Machida’s desktop, the environment I work in every day.

Next time, we’ll show you Kato-san’s desktop.

We hope you’re excited for it!