Feature Friday #1


We are nearly at the end of the week and both games have achieved all their community goals. So long as there’s no counterattack over the weekend then it looks like you’re in the clear for the community game this week. Congratulations!

The higher-ups at the B.O.I. were shocked to see someone figure out the cypher for the red-letter code. How anyone figured out that each section’s red letters were scrambled and that by unscrambling them they’d reveal the key words: VIRGINIA, IO, RIGHT, ARMPIT, ESCAPEE which would then point to the first designated target of the B.O.I. William N. Bishop is beyond us. But the password BISHOP doesn’t seem to be safe anymore. Looks like our system is down! We’ll have to put our best people on it to get it up and working by tomorrow.

That’s right, the Penny Blood red band trailers (for adults only) will be out tomorrow so feel free to take a look at www.pennyblood.jp. Not for the faint of heart!


We’ve had a lot of questions asking about the reasoning behind our stretch goal amounts. They’re pretty important and while we have a bunch of great ones planned, they can easily become the death of many campaigns—like by promising too many versions or modes when you don’t have the budget to back it up. We’ve analyzed the costs of these goals and placed them at intervals we consider to be responsible, with the first individual stretch goals for Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood starting at $750,000 each.

We’re close to hitting the first of those for each game but we’re not quite there yet. Both Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood have their own development teams and budgets, making $750,000 each a realistic number to really begin really fleshing out games of this scale. We’ll have to see how the funding progresses and may need to re-arrange certain goals to fit with the overall pacing, but while you are here, why don’t you tell us what goals you would find interesting to see?

Moving on, here is a video interview from Matsuzo Machida, the general director of Penny Blood!