Backerkit Order Locking and Charges

If you are a new backer or have purchased additional add-ons via the Backerkit store you have probably received an E-mail asking you to finalize your order. In enabling Paypal to be used for the main campaign Backerkit page, we wanted to use the time to lock orders and charge cards for the current orders we have on hand. This pertains to both the Double Kickstarter and Hellbound titles. Any charge will be listed as Red Art since their payment account is attached to the project.

New orders are still possible but we’ll be handling any survey changes to previous orders manually so just send us an E-mail at so that we can update your order.  Manual changes can still happen up until 3 months before shipping so there is still plenty of time.

Penny Blood Hellbound January 10th Interim Build

We mentioned some of the high-level changes to Penny Blood Hellbound but here is a specific list of the updated content. The goal will be to use the remaining Closed Beta time to fine tune the metaloop/store costs/damage amounts as we move towards Early Access in February. You can purchase the game from the backerkit link below: 

Also, please note that when Early Access releases the price will increase from 20 Dollars to 25 Dollars with a new level and multiplayer modes dropping shortly so if you want to purchase it at the cheaper price you’ll have until February to do so. As stated in an earlier update, Beta access will allow you to play the game throughout Early Access.

Change List:
-Voices added for player characters, bosses, and NPCs.
-Area 2 Normal battle music added.
-Shop BGMs added to shops in the hideout.
-Sudden mission timer now freezes during Ecstasy Skill activation.
-Fixed a bug where music stops when Steamdecks go into sleep mode.
-Fixed a bug where active skill icons disappear when skills are switched in the inventory screen. Skills can also no longer be switched in the inventory screen during battle.
-The Ecstasy Gauge can no longer be increased by bloodsurfing after clearing a stage.
-Recovery panel amounts and costs have been adjusted.
Free recovery: 7-9%
Paid recovery: 20-25%
Cost: x10 pennies
-Spike traps now do more damage.
-Fixed the bug where active skills can no longer be used when a character is resurrected by a skill.
-Currency now displays on the lower right corner of the screen if you stand still in the hideout for 1.5 seconds.
-Alchemical costs have been lowered by 100 malystals.
-Dr. Eugene’s mod lab costs have been lowered by 50 malystals.
-Damage has been reduced for the following skills: Sentinel Orbs, Malice Grinder.
-Various text and input bugs have also been fixed.

Natsume Atari Code!?!

Natsume Atari is a developer with a long history in games and rightfully so has their own “secret code”. I wonder if this unlocks something on the title screen???

Xbox Controller:X, X, X, X, Y, Y, Y, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y

PS Controller:□, □, □, □, △, △, △, △, □, △, □, △, □, △, □, △

As always, please send us your feedback via the official discord or google form that you can access directly from the game menu. Thank you!