Penny Blood: Hellbound Closed Beta Begins

Penny Blood Hellbound is live NOW! 

This is a special update to focus on the Penny Blood: Hellbound Closed Backer Beta launch. First off, thank you to everyone who has joined us for the closed Beta. You will be able to purchase the Closed Beta up until the game launches into Early Access. When it does, anyone who purchased the Closed Beta will continue to be able to play the game so you are really just getting to participate at an earlier point in development at a cheaper price point and will receive the exclusive Closed Beta Backer emblem.

Dos and Don'ts when playing Penny Blood: Hellbound

DO stream the game as much as you want. There will be some minor bugs but in general most of the core features are in the game and we feel it can only help! Feel free to stream in one of the voice channels on the official discord as well!

DON’T worry if you feel the game is hard. It’s a roguelike which means you will die a lot but with each new run you will be able to buy upgrades that help you to get further and further along in the game.

DO provide any feedback that you can via the google form or discord forum. Your feedback will help us make a better game. Trying to find the perfect meta loop for when to unlock things versus when to rely on player skill is always a delicate balance and your feedback is essential.

DON’T worry if you see bugs or certain features that don’t feel great. We are constantly iterating on the design to make the gameplay experience the best it can be.

DO show us your blood-surfing skills. It’s a fun mechanic that can make you feel pretty cool when you nail the timing.

Tips and Tricks

Still having a tough time with Penny Blood Hellbound? Visit the newly added “tips and tricks” section on the official Discord where the Director provides some insights into the best way to proceed through the game.

January 10th, 2024 Interim Update

As shown in the roadmap in the last update, we will have an interim update that drops January 10th. It will include:

Bug Fixes – Based on the feedback we receive from you.

Voice Acting – Check out the section below to see what cool talent is helping add personality to the quirky characters in Penny Blood Hellbound

Dynamic Music – While the December 14th version will feature a couple versions of the different music, in the January 10th update we will connect dynamic triggers that change the music based on different situations.

New Music – Composed by Noriyuki Iwadare of the Lunar and Grandia fame

Voice Acting Cast (Japan)

Clara – Kiyori Otoshiro

Sariel – Koki Hosino

Axeman – Shota Sasahara

Dr. Eugene – Fujii Gou

Saltykova – Hyosei

Vito – Hiroki Itinomiya

Ivory Warlock – Masaki Kobori

Viridian Druid – Atsuko Sakuraoka

Burt Alvord – Yuhei Iwanaga

Rhiannon Willows – Kae Oki

Samuel Mathers – Takashi Yonezawa

Karl Denke – Touma Kawahara

Patricia – Kiyori Otoshiro

Help Us Reach Out!

Got a content creator that you think would enjoy Penny Blood: Hellbound? Reach out to us at or you can ping us in the penny-blood-reachout channel on the official discord. We are providing various support to content creators in hopes they give Penny Blood: Hellbound a shot.