February 2023 Update

Hello backers!

There were bumps along the way but all surveys have been sent out. We appreciate all your patience and the amazing moderators who have kept us abreast of the various survey issues.

Currently we are sitting at 60% of all surveys answered. Traditionally, about 5-10% of backers don’t answer their surveys which means we may be sending out reminders about this in future updates so please bear with us.

The good news is that you can access your completed survey via your E-mail and change different options like T-shirt sizes and platform choice up until the point that we lock surveys. We don’t know exactly when that will be but we will make sure to give backers early warning about locking surveys via future updates and on discord & social media.

Backerkit Store

The Backerkit store can be accessed here:


We are off to a great start and already close to one third of the way to unlocking steelbooks. That’s great for less than a month. We will be mentioning the Backerkit store via key social media channels in hopes of bringing in a few more backers so that we can unlock that add-on since we know a lot of backers have asked for it.

One of the questions we get commonly is what the “Ticket Video Concert Pass” is in the Backerkit store. As you’ll see in the Development Updates section, we’ll be introducing two cool music events. One is a Live Studio session with Hirota-san and another will be a live DJ event featuring him and a few other DJs.

It will be a bit of a road trip as the event will take place in Osaka but for anyone who can’t make the trip there we will be featuring the event in an update similar to the Golden Ticket Concert. It will be live for 48 hours and then we will take it down. For anyone who wants to have the whole collection of all the concerts in a beautifully edited set, then choose the Ticket Video Concert Pass. It will feature a lot of great music and special guests. 

As always word-of-mouth is the biggest tool in our tool belt so any help in getting the word out is greatly appreciated.

◆2023.02.25 PENNY BLOOD Project Diary

 Good evening, everyone. Machida here. Lately, I’ve been fighting with myself just about every day.

It feels like New Year’s just happened yesterday, yet we’ve already passed Valentine’s Day (2/14). All I really remember about January is how painful my flu was… But this month I’ve got a proper Penny Blood development update for you all.

First, I’ll start with the walkthrough build, which the entire team has been working hard on. We finally succeeded in implementing a sequence where the player can control Matthew walking through a sample version of Golgotha Asylum, get into an encounter with a monster, use the Psycho Sigil to win the battle, and then return to the dungeon.

Watching the player use the lantern light as they make their way through this creepy building and only to run smack into a monster makes it feel like this is going to be quite the horror game! Hirota-san’s sound effects will also be present in this build, and they’re sure to make the experience feel even more immersive. We still need to work on the major adjustments, and will be continuing trial and error in order to perfect things as much as possible.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been working on the overall structure for the story – from the beginning to the game’s two endings. While trying to summarize the long story, I’ve been placing important characters, dungeons, and monsters in their necessary spots as they come to me.

Despite putting my imagination on full overdrive, however, I don’t always get the right ideas, which has led me to bang my head against the wall many times. Actually, I’m surrounded by nothing but walls right now. I’ve been writhing in agony nonstop, always wondering if I can’t come up with any better developments for the story.

Kato-san is extremely busy with character designs. She’s adjusting the main characters now that the Double Kickstarter campaign is finished as well as designing new characters. Once you see all the Inheritors, you’ll be just as surprised and impressed as I was to see how they’ve all grown.

Hanya-san has been designing monsters as well as designing guest characters who will serve important roles during the main story. This is because I was worried that if all he ever did was design monsters, his SAN would drop into the negatives and he’d slip over to the dark side. Just kidding. Small spoiler, but he recently finished designing John Edgar Hoover, who will serve as Matthew’s co-worker as well as one of his rivals. That’s right… the man who was appointed as director of the Bureau of Investigation (which later became the FBI) in 1924. He’s a different brand of ‘cool guy’ from Matthew.

Watanabe-san has been creating an image board for the dungeon that will appear in the beginning. It’s fun to think about what monsters I should put in when looking at the rough drafts of these gloomy, dank ruins. Thinking about what categories of normal monsters would live there, what sort of horrible boss should lurk in its depths, etc. I spend a lot of energy searching for that perfect idea.

It seems like Hirota-san has also been busy planning a lot for the sound. I have so much to look forward to, but I hope you’re also excited for the events that Hiro-chan’s been planning!

That concludes this month’s update. See you next month!

Matsuzo Machida

Message from Hirota-san

Good evening, everyone. Today I come to you with news about the sound development as well as some events.

I’ve been busy creating sound effects for physical movements such as footsteps and the sounds of doors opening. These are all extremely important in terms of making the game more immersive.

For example, take footsteps. Is the character walking on stone, carpet, marble, or wading through blood or viscera? The type of shoes they’re wearing, their age, their build, and gender…the reverberations should also fit the space they’re in. Echoes sound very different between those of a station underpass that’s cramped and long and those of a spacious courtyard in between buildings that opens up to bare sky.

These physical sound effects transmit lots of data to one’s subconsciousness.

I also created a new song. It’s hard to describe it with words alone, but it’s based on “beauty and mysticism,” then heads powerfully into shades of “venom and fear”. I think I did a good job of capturing the right balance. I’m still in the middle of deciding on the visual aspects and how exactly it will be used. Based on that, I’ll remove the sounds of instruments if I deem them unnecessary, make it sound a bit more stereo-esque, or perform other adjustments.

Now, about the events! On March 18 (Saturday), I’ll be putting on a club event called “PENNY BLOOD -Club Inferno- Osaka-Side”. Me and a bunch of other awesome game music DJs are going to go on a rampage. Personally, I’m going to put on a live performance that makes use of sampling, a vintage drum machine, and other stuff. Here’s the key information:

PENNY BLOOD -Club Inferno- Osaka-Side

March 18(Sat.) 17:00-22:00
Bar Fader OSAKA

Main Act:

DJ Takuma2000

Entrance Fee:
¥2000 w/ 1 Drink

Eventually, there will be an official news post released on Discord and social media about which other DJs will be involved. Come on by if you get the chance and make a toast with me!

The other event is happening on March 5th. (At least, it’s planned for that day…!) At 2 PM, I’ll be doing a short live performance and composing stream from my office as an intro to -Club Inferno-. It’ll be about two hours long. It’s my first time operating my own livestream, so I hope you’ll all cut me some slack. I’ll release more info about the details on a later date.

I’ve also been working on a lot of other stuff that I can’t talk about just yet and trying new things every day. I’m working my hardest!