October 2022 Update

PENNY BLOOD Project Diary

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first official post-campaign update. From this point on, we’ll be updating you on the state of the project once per month.

Overall Project News

As we re-edit the project documents based on the details of the stretch goals that were decided during the campaign, we’re also working on a type of verification demo called a “walkthrough”.

In this “walkthrough,” the player will be able to control Matthew, moving him around a field and encountering monsters for battles. After using the Psycho Sigil to defeat enemies, the player will return to the field. The goal is to allow the player to experience that general cycle. We plan to add in each part at its absolute minimum requirements and place milestones in our overall schedule. We’ve also figured out the overall volume for the game and are starting to decide on the minute details for each different feature.

Story News

While thinking up the overall structure of the overarching story, I’ve been writing out what I see as “pivotal scenes”, focusing on the dramatic moments I want to prioritize.

We’re also adjusting all the characters as a result of the characters who experienced visual changes as a result of the polls.

Design News

While I’m working on adjusting the characters, Kato-san is working on finalizing the design of the Hellhounders. Meanwhile, Hanya-san is working on designing the boss monsters who will play important roles in Penny Blood, while Watanabe-san is creating image boards for the “real version” of Golgotha Asylum.

Sound News

Hirota-san has started working on the music for the Graveyard, which will play one of the most vital roles within Penny Blood. And guess what? Kaida-san will be collaborating with him on this track!

Other News

Just the other day, the funds that everyone helped us raise through the Double Kickstarter Campaign were finally deposited into my bank account! Thank you all so much. I’m going to be very careful with how it’s used for the game.

Looking forward to seeing you all in next month’s update!

Matsuzo Machida

Atam's Fun Carnival (Graveyard Nightmare Carnival -Trick or treat MIX)

Comment from Hirota-san:
Happy Halloween!

Penny Blood’s graveyard of the soul…is a carnival of the dead filled with the souls of the departed.

I created a song for this special graveyard together with Kaida-san.

I composed the harmony and chords, while Kaida-san gave it all a very antiquated, detailed arrangement. Then, I changed and warped the stereo image while adding in some noise.

Please listen to the song while you look at the location image for the Graveyard Carnival and read the description…then let your imagination run wild!

Penny Blood Halloween