Special October Update

Unlocked Stretch Goals

An Expanding World of Madness, and Those Who Dare to Enter It

This will cause doors to the otherworld to appear all around the game world. When opened, these doors will lead the player to vast otherworld maps and horrifying dungeons where even more powerful monsters than the main last boss await. Naturally, this will also come with a lot of story additions.

“Matthew, what are you doing here? I thought you already won your battle… Haven’t had enough fighting for a while? Fine, fine, if you insist… I, Roger Bacon, will follow you to the depths of Hell if I must! Let us sally forth and feast on our eyes on what no other human has ever witnessed!”

Development Updates

This is Madness! Madness Remixes

As Hirota-san mentioned during the Golden Ticket concert, we will be crowdsourcing different “madness” versions of key tracks in the game. This is our way of really working with the community to make something special that could only happen via a crowdfunding campaign. This is how it works!

Madness Remix Project (Written by Hirota-san)

The Madness music is violent noise music that becomes audible when characters lose their sanity during battle, which causes their sense of hearing to go awry. It will be a restructuring of the battle music using the instrument waveforms/track data.

The Madness Remix Project is a way for everyone to create remixes of the Madness music together with me, Hirota.

We’ll publicly release the stems from the battle music (track data that has been separated by instrument: drums, bass, guitar, etc.). Please use that to remix the song as you see fit, then upload the remixed stereo file and the stems (either stereo or mono).

Please use this format: 48kHz/24bit/wav.

I will remix the music submitted by several people and prepare it so that it can be implemented into the game. I want to use as many tracks as possible, so please use the stems to create the most effective, awesome madness song you can.

I’m not looking for a complete song – I’d prefer it if you destroy/break down the stem materials and then restructure them. It might be closer to the way tracks are made for a DJ.

I won’t be providing you with MIDI files or sheet music. Please cut up the stem audio materials and re-edit them as you please.

This is a very experimental project, so I’ll be updating you with no info as we begin the process of trial and error. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you all!