Feature Fridays #4


All good things must come to an end and alas, this is our last Feature Friday. What, you say? There is one more Friday left? Why, yes there is, but we have a very special announcement. In order to incentivize more people to back the campaign during the last week: we will be holding a closing stream for backers only!

It will feature a huge amount of musical talent, some hilarious mini-games where the campaign team gets a little revenge on the creators (Muwa-hahaha), some amazing announcements, and some cool interviews. We’ll have more information next Monday, but if there is any day that you, as a backer, do not want to miss, it’s next Friday!

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal #7 – CLEARED!
Call of Baby Cthulhu (Mascot Raising)
This will add a system to the game in which players can raise Baby Cthulhu, Penny Blood’s mascot character. You’ll be able to feed your Baby Cthulhu the blood and flesh of specific monsters as well as minerals to help it grow stronger. The barrier Baby Cthulhu emits has the ability to neutralize the power of Umbra and the Ruinwalkers, giving players advantages in battle. Helping your Baby Cthulhu reach maturity will also guide you further toward the game’s ‘good’ ending.

“What?! That baby octopus went missing? I told you to keep an eye on it… We won’t be able to open the doors without that thing! This will highly limit our mobility… Who was in charge of its food today? Me? Oh, it was me…? ****…”

Stretch Goal #8 – CLEARED!
Extra Language Pack
Chinese and Korean languages will be added to the game.


97,500,000 yen
Collecting Lottery Tickets
This will add a mini-game in which players can use the Psycho Sigil to engage in a lottery for the chance to win rare items. The more you miss, the more new challenges and handicaps you’ll unlock! Additionally, handing over 30 of the pocket tissues you receive as a consolation prize to a certain character in a bathroom will net you an extremely rare item!

“Hey, why not give your luck a try? Oh, and don’t fret if Lady Luck doesn’t happen to be on your side today… Search hard enough, and I’m sure you’ll find someone who really needs all those pocket tissues you get as a consolation prize! Just remember to be generous when you find them, and I’m sure you’ll get the thanks you deserve!”


100,000,000 yen
In Pursuit of Magical Radiance: Jewel Alchemy
This will give players the ability to collect rare jewels in events and dungeons which Emilia will use to power herself up through her jewel alchemy.

“Beautiful, dazzling jewels exist all over the world… Gather them, hone them through the forbidden arts of alchemy, and they will serve as powerful reactors to supply you with energy. The light that radiates from your heart is a very special one, Emilia…for it has the power to instantly snuff out the light of thousands of other lives.”

HINT: Fiendish Pugilists

Community Game

With only two days left for this week’s community goals, our heroes may see their untimely end. Both communities are very, very close to the finish line but bare minimum they will need Mercedes’s “Magnificent Fusillade” and Luca’s “Charge” to be able to do enough damage to clear this week’s goal. So community, get talking, work together, and save our heroes!

AMA on Reddit 

As mentioned in the previous update we will be doing an AMA on Reddit in the r/IAMA channel (also cross-linked in the r/RPG channel). Both Kaneko-san from Armed Fantasia and Machida-san for Penny Blood will be in attendance. This is your chance to ask both creators your burning questions. The AMA will take place on the following board on September 23rd, 2022 at 11PM EST/8PM PST.



Interview with Visual Director Tsuyoshi Watanabe

(Note: This interview was filmed before the campaign began.)

Note: The last two screenshots are from something that is still being developed.

Baby Cthulhu


 A baby “Cthulhu,” which is a type of creature from another world that runs parallel to our own. It acquired the intelligence of a cat through feasting on one upon appearing in our world. It’s about as big as a rugby ball, and usually floats in mid-air. 

The three tentacles under its jaw have sharp, squid-like teeth in their centers, and when it opens its mouth, it looks extremely grotesque.

Role in the story:

It’s taken interest in Matthew ever since he coincidentally saved it while it was in danger.

Baby Cthulhu has an incredible ability that lets it freely pass through worlds as it wishes. It appears whenever it wants, sometimes saving Matthew in the nick of time, or pushing him further into peril at others. Of course, Baby Cthulhu itself possesses no ill will.

Baby Cthulhu is merely a nickname that describes what kind of a baby it is… Its real name will be revealed within the game.


Its cries sound like “Cthulhu!” 

Similar to a certain electric rat, it expresses all its emotions through the word “Cthulhu.”

“C-thulhuuuu!” (Gooood morning!)

“Cccthuuulhuuuu!” (I seeeee youuuu…) etc.

Penny Blood Side Story #3

Today’s side story is “Finding the Axeman” by Ari Lee.