Mechanics Mondays #2


Third Stretch Goal – CLEARED!

Thrilling Greyhound Races!

Dog races, a staple of back room gambling in 1920s New York, will be added to the game. Aside from earning funds and special rewards from betting, Luca will also be able to personally enter the races as a mini-wolf and acquire powerful new abilities.

Hey, mister, ever been to a dog race? They hold ’em nightly down in the basement here! Tough guys from all over come to try and strike it rich, and I’ve even seen a wolf running the tracks along with all the pups! Y’know, in order to learn some new tricks…”

85,000,000 yen
So, little boy… How much torture can you take?

Events will be added to the game where characters are captured by the enemy and must survive grueling torture sessions. Completing these events with certain characters will earn them special equipment.

“Withstanding torture while hiding information to protect your allies is no easy task. Trust me, if you ever got captured yourself…you’d understand just what a hellish experience it truly is.”

87,500,000 yen
Cacophony of Chanting (More Chants)

Extra music tracks featuring chanting will be added to the game, and the names of each vocalist will also be displayed.

Hint: Behooved by Hoover

Community Game

The Domovoy counter-attacked on Sunday but you all came together. Was great to see the different memories everyone had playing the games Machida-san previously worked on. Another week and more monsters to plague our heroes! We’ll be honest, this will not be an easy week, so we’ll need you to come together as a strong community. It’s not about sides… It’s all about survival! Let’s talk about some of the more “unique” community goals this week:

・On the AF side of things, in order to do the Thunder attack, you’ll need to send us a clip of you whistling. Let’s try to at least make it a 5 second clip or longer or longer. Submit to the official discord “#fan-creations” channel. 

・For Penny Blood, the discord users have been particularly active in the #pets channel but the ratio of cats to dogs is about 9 to 1, and that makes Luca a sad puppy. It’s time for a little dog power! You’ll need to post 10 photos of dogs this week in order to be able to perform the “Haste Dance” attack. 

・Finally, you’ve all seen the launch trailer featuring Machida-san spinning the wheel of life choices, right? Remember that mosaiced out slice on the wheel? Send us various “life choices” for what you think Machida-san should be doing with his life. Build sand castles? Eat more bacon? Play Armed Fantasia? You tell us! Submit your suggestions to “” or DM the pennyblood Twitter.

Content Updates

Fusion Monsters: Malevolent Spectral Knights

Matthew, the main character of Penny Blood, has the ability to transform into fusion monsters – other versions of himself, which manifest when he fuses with the souls of his ancestors that sleep within his blood. When thinking about the fusion monsters for Penny Blood, the concept that I’ve always had in my mind since the start was “ghost knights”.

The concept I used in my previous series was “devils,” which was influenced by Devilman, a personal favorite of mine. This time I’m focusing a bit more on myths and legends – on the “holy” nature of heroes that appear in fairy tales, so I decided to go with knights. Additionally, the base color isn’t going to be black, which was meant to evoke demons. This time, the base color will be white in order to express the “holy” nature of the knight, which you can see in Demna, Matthew’s first fusion monster.

As you can see in the Kickstarter campaign video, as Demna fights, its ancient armor creaks and its ragged cloak flutters eerily along with its movements. It’s the birth of the ghost knight I’ve always dreamed of.

At this point, I can tell you about what happened right after we finished the Demna’s 3D model. I went and watched Moon Knight, a new Marvel show which had just been released on Disney+, and thought “This looks just like Demna!” It really shocked me…

After speaking with my staff members, we decided we had no choice but to change its appearance, so I (very reluctantly) gave Demna a mask. This really caused Kato-san and our model designer a lot of headaches, but as the mask ended up giving Demna more of a ghostly aura, we all ended up breathing sighs of relief in the end.

Now, getting back on topic… In order to center things around the ‘knight’ concept in the fusion monsters, I decided to make Matthew a descendant from real knights of the past. Another point I really spent a lot of time thinking about when designing the monsters was figuring out how ‘crazy’ they should look. Knights are a very major element of both Western and Eastern games and films, so it was very important for me to create a version of knights that could be unique to Penny Blood. Simply making them “holy” would cause them to look too heroic, so the “spectral” nature would be necessary to give them some spice.

Now, I’d like to pass the baton over to Hanya-san, the one who actually designed the fusion monsters. Please introduce yourself, Hanya-san, and tell us about the challenges you encountered and things you focused on when designing the fusion monsters based on Kato-san’s design for Demna.

Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Nobutaka Hanya, a member of Studio Wildrose. I’m in charge of designing the fusion monsters and normal monsters for Penny Blood. When Director Machida first approached me about this job, he said he wanted the fusion monsters to look both creepy and cool at the same time. When he showed me the initial design for Demna, it made sense to me… But actually designing the other fusion monsters didn’t go as smoothly as I expected it to.

Something I kept in mind was how cool the fusion monsters would look when facing off against their enemies. And when I say cool, I mean I didn’t want it to look like “a hero fighting against a creepy enemy,” but rather “something creepy fighting against another creepy thing,” then have the coolness ooze out from that. I even thought it might be a good idea to make the fusion monsters look even darker than the enemies in some places… It took me a lot of time to figure out the right balance.

In the end, Kato-san gave me some advice that really helped to push me in the right direction, and I was able to finish the designs in one fell swoop. Yes, now that I think back to it, things went much quicker once I’d figured out the proper direction for the designs.

Lastly, I’d like to leave a message here for all the fans who are looking forward to Penny Blood. A lot of evil, grotesque monsters are going to appear in this game… I’m aiming to design some monsters that will make you want to look away the moment you see them, so I hope you’re excited to check them out! I also hope you’re excited to see the fusion monsters moving in-game. They should end up looking even creepier and cooler than the normal monsters! Now, I’ll pass the baton back to Machida-san.

Thank you very much, Hanya-san. I know how hard you worked on designing Macdeva and Rukia, the fire-elemental and ice-elemental fusion monsters. Day after day, Hanya-san wanders around the Graveyard, encountering new fusion monsters and designing them based on my orders.

As you proceed through the story of Penny Blood, Matthew will explore the graveyard that exists deep within his heart and acquire new fusion monsters. They’ll have as many variations as there are elements, and we intend to give each one a unique appearance.

These fusion monsters are meant to be a mixture between the kind of knights who appear in fairy tales and creepy ghosts… We’re doing our best to make them even darker and cooler than the enemies themselves. That’s what you can expect from the fusion monsters in Penny Blood.

Demna, the Crownless Knight

A non-elemental fusion monster, and a symbol of the loneliness and emptiness that lurks deep within Matthew’s heart.

Well-balanced in terms of attack and defense, Demna can prove useful in all manner of situations. Both its sword and shield are inscribed in ancient Goidelic. The sword’s text reads “Bestowing endless slumber on the sinful”, while the shield reads “Accept any manner of hardship”.

Demna is the first fusion monster that Matthew transformed into after inheriting the ability from this father, and still hides further potential…

Macdeva, the Recalescent Knight

A fusion monster that embodies the element of fire, and a symbol of the anger and cruelty that lurks deep within Matthew’s heart. 

Macdeva is a dimachaerus who ignites flames with its quick movements, and whose sword techniques prioritize damage above all else. As proof of this, the dagger in its left is used not for defense, but rather for quick, violent thrusts. Macdeva revels in murder and loves to sample the blood of its victims by licking its dagger clean.

New Monsters


A household spirit who often reveals itself to young children as an imaginary friend, happy to play with them while it watches over their home.

Many regions envision the Domovoy as a hairy, bearded old man. It is said to prefer the warmest places within homes, such as hearths, and is highly resistant to fire. The Domovoy is also no stranger to violence, and can use its extendable goatee to bind and suffocate anyone who dares to intrude on a house under its protection.

Currently, the Domovoy watches over a vacant house as it waits patiently for a certain family to return home, oblivious to the fact that they’ve already perished in an accident outside.

Kaleido Echidna

After a nun offered up her body and soul to evil gods in exchange for salvation, one god heard her prayers and transformed her into the perfect monstrous bride. Once beautiful in her human form, her body has now painted  with sinister, bewitching inscriptions of chants in praise for the evil god.

In order to keep her new object of worship satisfied with an endless stream of sacrifices, she tries to lure human men night after night, passing through the world of dreams in order to sneak inside their hearts. It is said that on the dawn of the seventh day after any man lays with her, his mortal flame will burn out.

Will Roxane be able to defeat this monster that’s started to appear in her precious Luca’s dreams?


The unsettling landscape of North Tarrytown

Located 30 miles north of New York, positioned right on the eastern bank of the Hudson River. Some call this small village ‘Sleepy Hollow’ due to a legend about a headless knight that roams the area.

In order to uncover the mystery of the monster that appeared in Golgotha Asylum, Matthew goes to Tarrytown to visit the birthplace of Oswald Craig, the one who became the creature’s host. But what awaits Matthew within the lonely village’s eerily thick fog…?