Worldbuilding Wednesday #2



Chat with the Creators

Kaneko-san and Machida-san will both be dropping in on their respective discord on September 7th (Wednesday) at 8PM EST/5PM PST. Both creators will be visiting the English and Japanese channels for about 1 hour saying hello, teasing stretch goals, and answering your burning questions. They will first be visiting the below listed Japanese channels for about 15-30 minutes and then jump into the English facing channel after that. If you have time, this is a great chance to get to know your creators!

Armed Fantasia Discord

Penny Blood Discord

Stretch Goals

Penny Blood is getting very close to clearing its first stretch goal! Individually calculating the stretch goals is no easy task, but we’ll keep you updated as we get close to clearing goals. Also, feel free to check us out on social media or the Kickstarter comments sections because sometimes we can react faster there.

Character Spotlight

Suseri Otsuki

Born in Tokyo in 1906. Now 17, Suseri serves as an advisor priestess to Kamuzumi, the Japanese empire’s monster extermination force.

As her mother came from a family of spiritualists gifted in kidō magic arts, Suseri has the ability to sense otherworldly creatures as soon as they appear. She was to be the eyes of the Shinteigumi, Kamuzumi’s front line brigade, but never hesitates to dispatch the monsters herself when the need arises, utilizing the great reserves of spiritual power that swirl within her.

After Matthew and Emilia save her in the imperial capital, she joins their cause in order to repay them. Suseri’s weapons of choice are her seimakyō magic mirrors.

Fusion Monster: Macdeva, the Recalescent Knight

A fusion monster that embodies the element of fire, and a symbol of the anger and cruelty that lurks deep within Matthew’s heart. 

Macdeva is a dimachaerus who ignites flames with its quick movements, and whose sword techniques prioritize damage above all else. As proof of this, the dagger in its left is used not for defense, but rather for quick, violent thrusts. Macdeva revels in murder and loves to sample the blood of its victims by licking its dagger clean.

Designing the World of 1923

PENNY BLOOD takes place in 1923. Why 1923? Well, let’s think about the history. This was right after World War I had ended, and people were reflecting on the importance of peace while also harboring a torrent of anger and division that would eventually lead to the next war. All they needed was for someone to light the fuse, and the flames of war would spread once more. The world of 100 years ago was a very perilous place.

Did anything pop into your mind as you read the above paragraph? Yes, that’s right – it sounds a bit similar to our own era, doesn’t it? It may seem silly for someone to make a game about fighting monsters in order to promote peace, but I’m trying to create a story that takes place 100 years ago yet also overlaps with our own time period.

Now then, I’d like to quickly go over the status of the countries that will appear in PENNY BLOOD.

First, we have America. 100 years ago, America had just enacted Prohibition, which prohibited the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages. This led the mafia to start underground production as a new source of capital, and these undercover transactions led to an increase in violent, gang-related crimes. The center of a new power network that would light up the world was being built in Manhattan, but it still lacked the necessary infrastructure, allowing shadows to remain in every corner.

The next country Matthew will visit after America is Japan – or the Empire of Japan, as it was known at the time. After a streak of wins in the Sino-Japanese War, the Russo-Japanese War, and World War I, Japan was in the middle of an imperialistic push to further strengthen themselves. Individual thoughts and beliefs became more controlled, and gradually a lack of peace became the norm across the land. In Japan, Matthew will first learn of the danger that’s only moments away from bringing the world to its knees, and through a fateful encounter, his true adventure will finally begin.

Meanwhile, we have China – 10 years after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, partitioned and half-colonized by the Great Powers. After erasing the former glory and power of the emperor, politicians vied for power, causing people to fear that a possible civil war would soon erupt. The peace and stability of great cities such as Beijing and Shanghai were also in shambles… In China, the ravages of time will swallow up every last one of Matthew’s hopes and dreams.

This brings us to Europe. After the exhaustion of World War I, the countries of this land had just begun to rebuild themselves. Of course, social inequality continued to run rampant, along with racial and ethnic discrimination. As the ambitions of those who wish to push the world away from peace continue to keep Matthew and his allies on their toes, they find themselves stunned at the depth of the darkness that can fester within people’s hearts. Regardless of the era, what people truly need is compassion and unity.

It is on this century-old stage that PENNY BLOOD will raise its curtain… Next, I’d like to pass the baton over to Watanabe-san, who worked on creating a beautiful image board for the time period.

Hello! My name is Watanabe, and I work for STUDIO WILDROSE. It’s very nice to meet you all.

First, I’d like to begin by saying what a valuable experience it was for me to work on this image board. I have spent many years of my life drawing architectural perspectives, and never had any connection to the world of games. I didn’t even know what the word RPG meant… So when I was approached about designing the world of this game using my hand-drawn watercolor touches, it really threw me for a loop. The more details are added, the more you start to lose the hand-drawn touches, but if you start off with too bold of a drawing, you won’t be able to add details. It was quite the dilemma. This has always been the part I had to spend the most time on throughout the process, and I intend to continue using trial and error until I arrive at the proper result.

Lastly, I’d like to leave a short message here for all the fans out there who are looking forward to PENNY BLOOD.

I’m still an amateur when it comes to the world of games – more stumbling about in confusion right at the entrance, if you will – but the one thing I understand is just how vast Director Machida’s world design is. The stories that are about to unfold within that world are very exciting… So I hope you’re all excited as well.

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. I think one of the greatest characteristics of this game is its ability to overlap reality with fantasy in its own twisted landscape. The real-life story of 1923 will gradually shift over into a world of darkness, blooming into a dimension that far surpasses any manner of reality. Players will learn of events that never made it into the history books, learn of the transient nature of peace, and perhaps even turn away from some of the shocking events that occur. But no matter how painful or tough things may become, “we still have to live.” That’s the theme of PENNY BLOOD. I hope you’re all ready to witness history through Matthew’s eyes.

New Locations

Skyscrapers glowing in the evening sun…

One night after narrowly defeating the Motofuji in Golgotha Asylum, Matthew drives down to the Hudson River in a stolen police car.

Across the river, he can see the evening twilight painting the buildings of New York in a deep shade of madder red.

Midst the sinking beauty, Matthew notices his heart quicken. He can feel that something is on the verge of changing within the world… Something greater than anything he’s ever known before.

Beijing – Alleyways of the Forbidden City

In 1923, after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, its young last emperor was allowed to go on living within the vast forbidden city of Beijing while the military took control of the government. After years of uprisings and the collapse of the house who had ruled for over 200 years, public safety had waned, and chaos ran rampant through the streets.

This was especially the case within the alleyways and backroads (hutong) of the city, which had become filled to the brim with impoverished peasants and unsavory thugs. It was within these hidden nooks that anarchist factions and armed thieves thrived… And to an outsider like Matthew, the city proved to be nothing more than another perilous dungeon.

Swallows’ Nest at dawn

At the southern tip of the Crimean Peninsula in Yalta sits a small castle on a cliff facing the Black Sea.

After the Russian Revolution began in 1917, Yalta was placed under the jurisdiction of Lenin’s new Soviet Union. When plans were made to transform Yalta into a resort, the castle was promptly converted into a luxurious restaurant meant for wining and dining elite government officials.

After Matthew and Emilia learn of a young boy prisoner named Luca who has the ability to transform into a wolf, they vow to sneak in and save him… regardless of what dangers may lurk within.

Character Design Vote!


Born in Lviv (Western Ukraine) in 1913 as an Inheritor (a race of people who have inherited Old Blood).

Now 10, Luca currently lives in a small castle on the edge of a cliff that overlooks a lake. He’s been imprisoned here ever since he was taken away from his parents.

Luca has special abilities that other boys his age don’t… He can heal wounds by touching them, and when he gets angry, he can make shockwaves erupt from his body. After meeting up with Matthew and his companions, he starts traveling with them in order to find his parents. 

When Luca awakens his true power, he transforms into a cute white wolf. His weapons of choice are his tiny fangs and claws.

Hello everyone! Machida here. In today’s Penny Blood update, we’re trying something we’ve never tried before… Kato-san has drawn three different designs for Luca, the little wolf boy, and we want you to pick your favorite!

You’ll be able to participate in the voting on both Discord and Twitter. After the update, the official PENNY BLOOD account (@PennyBloodGame) will post a poll in a tweet, so you can also use that to vote for the design you like.

Below are comments from Kato-san about what she was going for with each design.

Type A

This is the oldest Luca of the three types. I gave him a strong-willed, energetic facial expression that would bring out his wolven side. His trademark is his scruffy hair. And he’s got a cuff attached to his leg… He must have gone on a rampage while he was imprisoned.

Type B

The youngest of the three types. This Luca is wearing traditional clothes from Ukraine, where he was imprisoned. His silver curls are supposed to remind you of his white wolf form. I gave this Luca a very sweet, lovable appearance.

Type C

This Luca’s age is in between Type A and B. The theme here is “gothic”. Quiet, elegant, and of a very good upbringing. This Luca may have the biggest gap between his human and animal forms.

In order to vote for your favorite Luca design, join the Penny Blood Discord here. In the #character-design channel, we’ll feature the 3 different designs. Just “react” by choosing the icon under the design you like the most. 

If you don’t have a Discord account, you can also vote on Twitter. Just search for the official Penny Blood account. (@PennyBloodGame

After 24 hours, we’ll tally up the votes and see who won!